Family, Religion, Food, Guns, Trains, Whiskey, Cigars, Technology …..and whatever else I feel like talking about.

This is a private blog. It is intended for my audience only. This blog in no way reflects the thoughts of anyone else …. it is not endorsed by anyone else … This blog does not reflect my “public” life or my work life. This may be considered politically incorrect by many. No one has the right or permission to print or repeat in any way what is reflected in this private blog. If you are offended, leave. Do not comment negatively as I will not allow the post to happen. You would only be wasting your time. If you happened to somehow stumble across this blog, please leave. Do not SPAM me. If you were invited to this page by me, then enjoy my conversations. Many items in this blog may be satire in nature and can offend some. I apologize if you are offended but probably really do not care..


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